“New mobile touchless technology has great promise. We believe it can offer tremendous benefitto improve communication and learning in children with complex communication impairment related to autism and other developmental disorders.”

—[ Prof Howard Shane | Center for Communication Enhancement, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School ]


“Your product is truly remarkable.”

—[ Sandra Sellner | Communications Officer at Arazy Group Consultants, Inc. ]


“I definitely think this could be a good app for students practicing their fine motor skills. I also think this could be a beneficial tool for helping students with social skills. Students with ASD often struggle with social skills and having to wave at the camera to direct the animals is a form of social interaction. If they can take those skills and transfer them to working with classmates, it would be very beneficial.”

—[ trlawler17 ]


The target student for this app is one with physical delays, such as the inability to extend fingers to point and touch. This app is also great for students with autism and communication barriers.”

—[ brmeland ]


“It is an exciting product that will make a huge difference in many young lives.”

—[ Sarah Mitchell, Trade Commissioner | Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada ]


“At $15 it is a little pricey, but is rated highly and focuses on developing such skills as communication, social skills, functional skills and language. It is also very interactive, and simple to use, especially in the touch-free mode. Children simply wave at the camera and easily help each animal board the bus while learning the animal’s name, how to spell it, and interact with each animal.”

—[ Dr Kara Brooklier, Director of Autism Training & Evaluation, The Children’s Center, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit ]


***** Great game | Love the interactivity the game offers, and thought it was adorable in general. Instructions were clear and it was easy to play — a lot easier than I thought it would be. Very cool!

—[ Michelle Siobhan O'Brien | via Google Play ]


***** Love it | My Daughter has autism and this app was recommended to us to try and she loves it

—[Tay Banks | via Google Play ]


“A BuZoo Story is… targeted for students with autism and other motor-skills needs… Not only will this work on their motor skills, but they will also learn to recognize the animals names, learn how to spell the names of the animals, interact with the animals, hear their noises and find out basic information on each animal… well worth the cost.”

—[ Mr. C's Education Tech Support ]


“What you are doing is very cool and valuable to society.”

—[ Joel Greensite, former VP Technology, Blast Radius ]


Amazing App It truly is amazing! My friend’s son is Autistic, and when I told her about this app she was so excited. She was so touched that there was something like this out there. Truly amazing.”

—[ Taylor Orton ]



—[ Emmanuel, 11 | with Autism Disorder Syndrome ]


The options for children with severe developmental delays and those who are nonverbal are very limited and your product holds great potential for improving quality of life and education for these individuals.”

—[ Kimberly Kerns, PhD | Developmental and Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology | University of Victoria]


“Shailah Interactive is going to be a huge hit in the educational software industry. Their product demo for ‘Buzoo, Animals at Work’, presented at Centre 4 Growth’s One Year Live event, was not only eye-catching, but gave me the gut feeling that ‘kids are going to love this!’.”

—[ Andrew Tait, MSc, PhD | Tait Labs - Positive Global Sciences ]


Looks like a great product for people with communications challenges. Worth a further look.

—[ Mike Volker | Vancouver's Green Angel & Tech Innovator ]


“The app is really cool.”

—[ Marc Sirkin | Autism Speaks ]


“There is a distinctive niche and need for a product like this, given the increasing diagnoses of autism and a better understanding of cognitive disorders”

—[ Judge | VanCity Good Money™ Impact Venture Challenge ]


“This appears to be a strong team with an innovative product, and they are targeting a specific, unmet need.”

—[ Judge, 2012 World Best Technology (WBT) Innovation Marketplace, San Diego ]


“10 apps proven to help those diagnosed with Autism“.

—[ Emily McFarland | via Prezi ]


Looks promising.”

—[ Sally Scheyd | via Facebook ]


That is pretty cool.”

—[ Robert Turnbull | via Facebook ]