By downloading the BuZoo App (“App”), using it, and participating in any testing activities you also agree not to:

  • distribute, rent, lease, market, sublicense, resell or otherwise transfer the App, commercially or otherwise;
  • copy or modify the App either alone or in conjunction with any other product or program;
  • decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer all or any portion of the App;
  • remove any identification, including copyright, trademark, patent or other notices, contained in or on the App.

Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, all usage rights granted to you will expire.


  • Shailah Interactive’s apps are not in any way intended to replace actual therapy with a qualified speech-language pathologist. We highly recommend using our apps under the direction of a qualified speech-language pathologist or other qualified therapist.
  • Shailah Interactive’s apps are intended as a compilation of applications that may be used with or by a qualified speech-language pathologist in speech-language therapy or social skills therapy as well as therapy for people who face Autism/Aspergers/PDD/CP and other cognitive, developmental, or physical challenges.
  • Shailah Interactive does not have any responsibility with respect to how the apps will work with any individual user.
  • Shailah Interactive is collecting some user based data as part of our testing and refining process for each app. We do not intend to collect any information that could infringe on user’s privacy, identity or abilities.
  • No video imaging is being collected or stored by Shailah Interactive‘s apps.