A Whole New Way to Communicate & Learn

Shailah Interactive is dedicated to embracing the latest touch-free mobile technologies and adapt them for inclusive education content.

Controlled by touchless body-gestures — our first line of touch-free Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) content (educational games and apps) are aimed at enhancing communication and supporting inclusive learning, comprehension, and literacy development in a fun and engaging way.

‘A BuZoo Story’ is highly recommended by families, therapists, and support centers.

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Why only Android ?

The image-based gesture-control we are using with BuZoo was first available on Android. We will soon be releasing an iOS (iPad & iPhone), Leap and Windows 8 versions, as well.

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We’re looking for testers

Specifically researched and designed to enhance the communication of non-verbal, facing a severe challenge touching or fine-pointing – our touch-free mobile apps and games, are allowing more freedom to explore-connect-learn-socialize — anytime-anywhere; become more self-directed, contribute and participate at a class, clinic, or at a home setting.

We are looking specifically for parents, caregivers, and qualified specialists caring for early-learners — children and young adults — facing severe autism, cognitive, developmental, or physical challenges – who have access to an Android smart phone or tablet (equipped with a built-in front-facing camera).

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A BuZoo Story – early learning in a whole new { touchless } way

Available on Google Play (Android)


Final look of A BuZoo Story


An awesome interaction even without a steady hand


A BuZoo Story Testing in Action